Digital Marketing Strategy That Generates More Leads, Sales and Improve Customer Experience.


CTH offers integrated SEO and agile digital marketing solutions to small and medium sized businesses. We simply plan the work ahead and work the plan to implement and grow your digital ecosystem.

Digital marketing innovation delivering quick results.

Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Hire business consultants to help you assess and plan new campaigns. Your strategy is our business. You'll implement operational tactics quicker with our help.

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Email & Copywriting

CTH offers copywriting services to help entrepreneurs improve their online presence, including new keyword and industry content research.

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Internet marketing strategy is all about vision, planning, leadership and common sense. To build a winning online presence you’ll need clever resources and processes.

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Content marketing

Content marketing strategy shows you how to align your business's goals across your all talking channels. It's all about how you plan, create, review and manage it.

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Social media

CTH's social media consultants love planning and/or strategise new campaigns. From account creation to social management we simply can resist.

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Web design

Content is even more effective if you combine an epic design with your brand message. That comes from the planned business and brand vision .

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Paul Digital strategist

Paul Alves

About us..

CTH is an independent digital marketing agency working (remotely) with SMEs and agencies all over the world. Our aim is to offer expertise and guide you through marketing strategy planning and processes. We profile and map audiences, competition and/or market segmentation, email marketing, build content marketing strategy and help with social media optimisation.  read more

Why us

Our aim: structure your marketing strategy to help you increase the number of visitors, leads, sales and above all convince them to come back. But we also bring:

  • Continuous digital marketing improvement
  • Business Intelligence (B.I)
  • Work ethic and transparency
  • Clever ways to produce unique content
  • Work on-site or remotely
  • Multilingual freelancers

Our Skills

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John Doe UI/UX Designer

I have known Paul for 6 years and decided to engage him to assist with launching my business back in December 2015... He handled my impatience to get up and running quickly by demonstrating why a complete end to end marketing plan had to... read more

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