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Content ​strategy
mini-coaching session

40 minutes + Checklist 

I will help organise the steps you need to follow in order to make your business content strategy more vibrant and profitable.

Paul Digital Strategist Consultant

Hi, I'm Paul Alves and I've helped dozens of clients improve their website strategy in order to get more customers. There is no science or magic attached to it, just agile planning, good processes and creativity. I can deliver exactly the same for you and your business.

Who ​will benefit from this content strategy ​session?

This ​40 minute session ​will benefit:  
a) ​Small to medium sized businesses with ​5-14 employees. 
b) Startups ​entrepreneurs.
If you want to start on the right foot or revisit your content ​strategy this session will allow you do just that. (Free checklist provided)

Business Case:

  • How to prioritise my business goals?
  • What is my true business differention value?
  • How to identify and target your audiences?
  • What is needed to make my marketing work?
  • How do I create a customer journey funnel?
  • How to I generate more leads, sales? How can I control it?

Business Benefits:

  • ​Learn about your audience ​(how they ask questions, the needs they have...)
  • ​Redefine audience engagement cycle
  • ​Listen & identify sales opportunities
  • ​You'll learn how to deliver the right content
  • ​Focus on main marketing channels
  • Map out your user/reader pain points

It's ultra important to plan your business content strategy well ahead, as this will allow you to know  wh​at are the key messages of each piece of content, so you can write, organise, prioritise and ​answer your c​lient's needs​.

Did you know that...." Lead nurturing is all about encouraging people to move along your funnel."

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