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From Internet business strategy to content marketing and social media books all worth it.

Do you want and/or need to improve your Internet marketing knowledge and understand how it all works? Start reading.

Contagious - How to Build Word of Mouth

Jonah Berger simply invites you to think and ask the right questions - Such as: How can word of mouth (W.O.M) influence or spread messages? How to promote your brand without spending a fortune in Adwords? But it also challenges you to think and find out how and why things go viral. Highly entertaining, creative and will help you understand the social behavior. Ahh, Berger's cases aren't just funny and relevant, but they're also very real. I enjoyed the STEPPS principle, spot on . . . I can assure you that this book will push you to spread the word.


Content Inc. is much more than creating content, it shows you how to strategise it, planning, find audiences and create a content marketing strategy framework. It's also about how to understand and setup a very different business model, find new customers and the way you should interact with them. It worth a try, if you're looking to learn more about how to successfully engage with your industry market and how to do it - then you got yourself a good structure and approach to start building your business strategy.


I bought this book because I wanted to compare Belinda's agiles techniques with the ones I use. I must say, I am not disapointed, as it is an enjoyable read, specially on the agiles approaches section. Now, if you're hoping to get guidance on how to setup and/or control your business this book will not help you, however, it could be useful when you're up and running. Being agile, will help you work more efficiently, organise your plans and sales tactics with a very useful range of techniques. You can also benefit from her guidance and all the benefits of being agile. This book also provides a large template section for getting you up to speed. So, I do recommend Belinda's book, as I believe it can really help you be more agile.

Content Strategy at Work

I recommend this book to anyone involved in content marketing or working on web design, strategy etc. You'll get plenty of useful, organised and actionable content tips to help you understand the business approach in every sense of the term. Also, shares many aspects of communication you should have with your colleagues, prospects and/or customers. I like to emphasise the card sorting exercise - clever and perfect tool to help you define and structure your message across channels.

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Social Media Explained

I am about to finish reading this book. A realistic and relevant true in what the book title says it does. I can guarantee, that Mark Schaefer has (indeed) provide us with the best book on social media that delivers more than you would expect. He talks you through the very useful fundamental principles that drive Social Media marketing success.. Sometimes, I feel like asking - can I buy just a few chapters? But it is not the case with "Social Media Explained" as this book offers a very objective and relevant guidance. It will open your mind (and eyes). It helps me get better at explaining social media to business owners. Well structured, actionable advice that you can take in over a few hours of reading it.


I am reading this book, (in and out) but I am happy to say that it will deliver great useful real insights and practical advice already. In my honest opinion, The profitable Professional is surely the book every consultant, coach, executive or advisory business needs. This is the kind of book that you should be reading in 2017 and keep it near you for guidance. From chapter to chapter, Kelly walks you through the difficult and lonely journey of creating a business plan, a sales strategy along with product/service development, all in one same book. The case studies shows how Kelly delivered successful results in various businesses projects. You can now apply it to your own business to increase growth and profitability.

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We know that you the business reader, can and will enjoy the books listed and suggested here. Happy reading!