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​Cold email ​checklist

Become a pro - ​Discover how to quickly create cold emails to ​perfection + 5 steps cold calling framework.  ​Never look unprofessional​ again your prospects will know it. ​

​​​Email ​marketing checklist

​Email marketing is not dead.. It is pretty much alive. ​Use ​this ​step-by-step to ​create effective marketing campaigns. ​​​​​​Create big trust and​ a loyal fan base.

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Yes, these are all great changes, but adding more elements to your email marketing also creates more opportunity for error. If you’re not careful, mishaps can happen. Use this checklist to help avoid a marketing disaster.
Essential Data-Driven Strategies

​Email checklist tracker

​​Perfect tool if you're ​starting your email campaign. ​ Select your topic, add your action steps, status, the time required, who does it and when you plan to start it and​/or it's due ​ ​!

Whether you are already using a email marketing optins form on your pages or you are new to the topic and need to improve your email campaigns, you need to think about the major steps

Content marketing plan & Toolkit

A step-by-step approach to​:

  • Document ​your Content Marketing Strategy
  • Align business’s objectives ​& Content marketing goals
  • Understand, develop personas, buyers strategy
  • Nurture relationships
  • Organize,​ engage​ and convert 
  • Learn, measure and track
A proven approach to follow step-by-step. A methodology
to develop a content marketing plan that
supports your company’s goals & objectives

​​Editor's content checklist

​Get the job done quicker.

Grab this professional checklist and start seeing where you need to make amendments. Th​e perfect checklist​ ​to ​remind you of all aspects of writing body text headers, sub-headers, bullet-points formula, text, space, editing and checking your overall work before publishing your ​content. ​

P.S: I've added my secret tools a​long with an extra bonus.

Will guide you through all aspects of writing - editing. Before publishing your document, check that you have considered all items listed below. I added my secret, and bonus

​Digital strategy plan

​The perfect ally to guide and/or align your business.  ​Revise or start creating your very own online strategy plan from scratch. ​Get ​our concise plan [tips included] to help your​ digital ​strategy!

Content audit template

​​Must have to help you log and/or find important links. You can identify your best ​or relevant content​ in no time. Helpful to ​keep your ​content marketing strategy on track.

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​Personas worksheet

Personas help you create the ​relevant content for your readers​. The right content will most likely attract your ideal visitors, ​users whilst
converting them into leads, and close them into c​lients.​


Plan for ​innovation

​​​ Innovation is an happy outcome of one's creative mind. This ​tool will help ​you identify ​where to start focusing, ​streamline and analyse ​steps before implementing new ideas.  Use ​it to plan ​your ideas ​before the roll out takes place!

Content On-Demand

​​​ConDaas is our brand new content marketing on-demand as a service. ​Very cost-effective solution for any business. This formula (maxi 20 hrs) allows you to get content expertise, build a small campaign or write ​quality content quickly and conveniently..

​Agile hacking transformation framework

​Discover a super agile hacking framework based on 5 key concepts to apply to your business in less than a day!
It shows you how the building blocks of your digital transformation fit together. Get it done in 2018 with no extra help. Perfect tool for startups. ​

Discover a framework based on 5 key concepts to apply to your business in less than a day!
It shows you how the building blocks of your digital transformation fit together.

​Agile marketing planning

​Operational marketing ​​​ ​starts with data analysis. This ​tool will help ​you ​identify the next steps in a blink of an eye. All you need is data collected from analytics, campaigns and/or a business plan to a quickly implement it.  Useful to plan small, medium or big campaigns. Agile planning is fast and very effective.

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