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Email ​& Lead gen. checklist

​ ​Download our 2-in-1 checklist.  ​Email outreach ​and ​lead generation ​framework plus steps ​all in one document.  ​​ ​Never look unprofessional​ again. ​Build and increase your prospect's list. ​

​​​​One page strategy plan 2020

​​Centralised and effective one page business strategy plan. You can organise all your activities, core values, tasks, tactical actions and KPI's into one single page or two. ​We have included a SMART execution checklist for your guidance.  ​​​​​​Create ​your own "one page strategy plan" and start collecting/seeing results​.

Yes, these are all great changes, but adding more elements to your email marketing also creates more opportunity for error. If you’re not careful, mishaps can happen. Use this checklist to help avoid a marketing disaster.
Essential Data-Driven Strategies

​Digital marketing strategy plan

​The perfect ally to guide and/or align your business.  ​Revise or start creating your very own online strategy plan from scratch. ​You'll get ​our concise plan [tips included] to help your​ digital ​strategy!

Content marketing

​Step-by-step ​to:

Document your Content

​from marketing ​strategy.

Align business’s objectives & Content marketing goals

​Develop personas, buyers mapping

Nurture relationships

Organi​se, engage and convert.

Learn, measure and track.

Editor's content

Get the job done quicker.

Grab this professional checklist and start seeing where you need to make amendments. The perfect checklist to remind you of all aspects of writing body text headers, sub-headers, bullet-points formula, text, space, editing and checking your overall work before publishing your content.

P.S: I've added my secret tools along with an extra bonus.

Will guide you through all aspects of writing - editing. Before publishing your document, check that you have considered all items listed below. I added my secret, and bonus

Innovation ​planning

​[ Three pages]​

Innovation is a key outcome of one's creative mind. With this tool you'll identify where to focus but also go much quicker with your new ideas.  Use it to streamline your ideas before the roll out takes place!

P​lanning Phase

Content audit template

​​Must have to help you log and/or find important content gaps. You can identify your best ​or relevant content​ in no time. Helpful to ​find, log and keep your ​content marketing strategy on track.

Content ​brief template

​​Define what the content project is all about (as opposed to ​what the project is as defined in the
project brief created by the project manager)  ​From what is needed to successfully complete it ​to the final objectives, goals, stages, etc.

Personas worksheet

This worksheet will ​guide you through the steps ​to create​ ​relevant & unique content for your readers​. Th​is will most likely gauge and attract your ideal visitors, ​users whilst
converting them into leads.

Content On-Demand

​​​ConDaas is our brand new content marketing on-demand as a service. ​Very cost-effective solution for any business. This formula (maxi 20 hrs) allows you to get content expertise, build a small campaign or write ​quality content quickly and conveniently..

​Agile transformation framework

​Discover a super agile hacking framework ​to apply to your business ​!
​Step-by-Step showing you how the building blocks of your ​transformation fit together. Get it done ​for 20​20 & beyond - no extra help. Perfect for startups. ​

Discover a framework based on 5 key concepts to apply to your business in less than a day!
It shows you how the building blocks of your digital transformation fit together.

​Agile marketing planning

​Operational marketing ​​​ ​starts with data analysis. This ​tool will help ​you ​identify the next steps in a blink of an eye. All you need is data collected from analytics, campaigns and/or a business plan to a quickly implement it.  Useful to plan small, medium or big campaigns. Agile planning is fast and very effective.

​SMB ​marketing ​plan [Toolkit]

​​​ ​​The complete SMB toolkit comes with a step-by-​step​ guide containing ​seven seperated tabs.  From V.O.B, Core Values,  ​Content planning,  and SMART Tactics to effective ​market ​penetration and ​revenue ​generation solutio​ns. Ready to use for any business. ​


    ​roadmap  ​​framework

​​Simplified analytical roadmap ​​to guide ​​and support your entire strategy. 

​Analyse,​ big data to answer/draw your business strategy.
​Ideal to find ​and build new content ​while breaking down organisational topic campaign choices.

Coming soon

Discover a framework based on 5 key concepts to apply to your business in less than a day!
It shows you how the building blocks of your digital transformation fit together.

​Core ​values​ ​worksheet

​​Align your visi​on​, ​strategy with your Core Values​. But also discover what ​those core values have to say about your actual key messages.​​
In this ​worksheet, you will review your company's core values in order to develop a solid marketing plan. You'll also be able to reshape the culture and character of ​your business/ company.

Coming soon

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